Ultrasounds for Biological Applications and Materials Science


The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), is the largest public research organization in Spain with more than 15.000 workers and 3.000 research scientists. 


About Us

We are a research group within the Sensors and Ultrasonics Systems Department of the Institute for Information Security (CSIC). Our main research field is related with the use of ultrasound … Continue reading


Final meeting of our iLINK project

(ilink0988, funded by CSIC, about novel ultrasonic inspection techniques (mainly air coupled techniques) for fibre reinforced composites, with CONEA, Universidad del Valle, Colombia, and Universidad Nacional, Medellin, Colombia), At “Comision Nacional … Continue reading

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IEEE International Ultrasonic Symposium, Tours, France.

We presented three works at the IEEE IUS in Tours, France (events): Fariñas, M. D., Cummins, G., Desmulliez, M. P. Y., Seetohul, V., Cochran, S. and Álvarez-Arenas, T. E. G.”Assessment … Continue reading

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69 ICAT International Smart Actuator Symposium at PennState, State College, PA, USA.

We presented a work about air-coupled transducers for non contact human machine interaction.

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Congratulations Lola for your PhD!

“Non-contact Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy and its Applications to Study Multilayered Plant Tissues” Thas was presented on July 21st at the Polytechnic Univ of Madrid (ETSIT) Excellent work! Great dissertation!

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We are presenting a poster at the 43rd Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation…

… 17th – 22nd July, Atlanta, in collaboration with colleagues from ENDE-INED and  CONICET-CNEA (Argentina), IT (Costa Rica) and MUSP (Italy) about: Ultrasonic Techniques for the detection of discontinuities in … Continue reading

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Our last paper: Ultrasonic Sensing of Plant Water Needs for Agriculture just published in “Sensors”

This paper describes the application of air-coupled ultrasonic resonant spectroscopy to plant leaves for irrigation control in agriculture. Two cases of study are analyzed in detail: Vitis vinifera and Coffea … Continue reading

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Madrid Python meetup, 29th june 2016

We are giving a talk at the Madrid Python Meetup (29th june 2016). We will present the activities of the Sensors and Ultrasonics Technologies Department of ITEFI-CSIC and the present … Continue reading

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4-year postdoc and visiting professor positions

New opportunities to join us through the program “Talent Attraction” from Comunidad de Madrid. The different kinds of positions are: 4-year experienced postdocs, 4-year young postdocs, and 6-month visiting professorships. Applications … Continue reading

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Follow our talk for 20th Int. Conf. Electronics in live streaming!

US-BioMat is attending 20th International Conference in Electronics which is held from 13th to 15th June in Palanga (Lithuania). The event is organized by Kaunas Technical University in collaboration with Vilnius Gediminas … Continue reading

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2016 International Workshop on Acoustic Transduction Materials and Devices

This week, at the 2016 International Workshop on Acoustic Transduction Materials and Devices (IWATMD) at PennState Univ, State College, PA, we are presenting a work about “Patch-transducers based on ferroelectret … Continue reading

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