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We are a research group within the Sensors and Ultrasonics Systems Department of the Institute for Information Security (CSIC). Our main research field is related with the use of ultrasound … Continue reading


Our last paper in NDT & E International is just available!

Entitled: High frequency focused imaging for ultrasonic probe integrity inspection, is the result of a collaboration with the group of Prof. Linas Svilainis from Technical University of Kaunas. Journal pre-proof … Continue reading

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Our last paper: “Machine Learning‐Based Optoacoustic Tissue Classification Method for Laser Osteotomes Using an Air‐Coupled Transducer” in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine Journal.

In collaboration with colleagues from: Biomedical Laser and Optics Group, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Basel, Gewerbestrasse 14, Allschwil, 4123 Switzerland Brain Ischemia and Regeneration, Department of Biomedicine, University … Continue reading

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We are hiring! Junior Python developer

To join our group for the ULTRACOV project. We are lookig for a candidate with a passion for science and technology and the desire to contribute to the society through … Continue reading

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Our last paper in Scientific Reports: Magnetization process of a ferromagnetic nanostrip under the influence of a surface acoustic wave.

In collaboration with David Castilla, Rocío Yanes, Miguel Sinusía, Gonzalo Fuentes, Javier Grandal, Marco Maicas, Manuel Muñoz, Luis Torres, Luis López & José L. Prieto, from: Instituto de Sistemas Optoelectrónicos … Continue reading

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We are hiring! Postdoc position within the ULTRACOV project

We are looking for a postdoc to join our group to work in the ULTRACOV project. Ideal candidate must have experience in ultrasound, either NDT or medical: signal processing and … Continue reading

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ULTRACOV project get funded: Novel ultrasound scanner to face COVID-19 disease challenges

  The project ULTRACOV aimed at developing a novel ultrasound scanner to face COVID-19 disease challenges: early diagnosis and following of patients evolution leaded by DASEL get funded by last … Continue reading

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We have posted our sigmoid analysis of covid-19 data in Spain

Code, data and github link

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A new postdoc joining the group!

We welcome Vicente Genoves who just joined the group as postdoc to work in design and fabrication of new composites materials with tailored properties for the optimization of non-conventional piezoelectric … Continue reading

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In-vivo 3D corneal elasticity using air-coupled ultrasound optical coherence elastography

This is our last paper in collaboration with colleagues from: Beckman Laser Institute, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Irvine, Irvine, California 92612, USA School of Ophthalmology and Optometry, … Continue reading

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Our last paper applies deep learning to extract information from non-contact resonant ultrasonic spectra

Published in Plant Methods (open access), studied thickness resonances in plant leaves measured using non-contact ultrasonic spectroscopy to extract information about Relative Water Content.    

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