Ultrasounds for Biological Applications and Materials Science


ULTRATEX is a project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science through the Retos-Collaboration Plan, 2017 call.

“Gestión integral del proceso de elaboración de tortitas de maíz basado en la caracterización no destructiva y no invasiva mediante ultrasonidos sin contacto de las propiedades texturales”

Integral gestion of the manufacturing of corn tortitas based on the non-destructive and non-invasive characterization by non-contact ultrasonic techniques of the textural properties.

in collaboration with Polithecnic University of Valencia and group SIRO.
Ref: RTC-2017-6314-2

Budget: 695.00 euros

This project will expand the application of our air-coupled ultrasonic technology, including transducers and electronics, to the field of quality assessment of food products, where use of air-coupled techniques is very well adapted to this problem as this technique is completely non-contact, non-invasive and fully compatible with the highest standards of food quality and security.


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