Ultrasounds for Biological Applications and Materials Science

Testing concrete using air-coupled ultrasound between 250 and 500 kHz.

This week at ITEAM, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, we obtained remarkably good SNR in through transmitted signals in concrete samples (40-200 mm thick) with ITEAM equipment and samples and using … Continue reading

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70th International Symposium on Actuators ICAT, PennState Univ.

This week we are attending the 70th International Symposium on Actuators, organized by ICAT, the Pennsylvania State University. We present a work about transducer optimization under non-ideal fabrication constrains.  

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Predoc. contract position open! FPI 2017

We offer a predoc contract funded by the FPI 2017 call  to work in our  ECERES project. Applications: from 3 to 18 of october 2017. Starting date: March-april 2018 Conditions: 20.500 … Continue reading

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Great week at Airbus

Great place, great people, … excellent results.  

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We will be at IEEE Ultrasonic Symposium in Washington (Sept. 2017)

We will present two papers: –Air-coupled and Water Immersion Sectorized Array Transducers for Industrial and Medical Endoscopy –Cylindrical and Quasi-Cylindrical Focalization of Air-Coupled Single Element and Linear Array Transducers.   … Continue reading

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This is where our air-coupled ultrasonics transducers have already been used/tested or are currently being use.

8 different countries 9 different research centers/universities 7 different companies Main uses are for: NDT of aerospatial, aeronautic components and metalic parts and pipes, ultrasonic spectroscopy applied to materials characterization, … Continue reading

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Our best ever peak sensitivity of a pair of air-coupled ultrasonic transducers: -17 dB!

This amazing and unrivalled figure is obtained with the pair of focused 250 kHz trasnducer (of the sph75 series) having focal distance at 65 mm and a 6dB-focal spot of … Continue reading

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Our brand new series of high sensitive air-coupled ultrasonic transducer spherically focused!

This is our brand new series of piezoelectric air-coupled spherically focused transducer at 250, 320 and 400 kHz (more details in Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Transducers). Intended to operate in through transmission … Continue reading

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We took part at “Electronics 2017” conference, organized by KTU in Palanga, Lithuania. 19-21 june 2017.

We also presented the contributed paper entitled:   Ultrasonic single element and sectorized array transducers with omnidirectional 2D field distribution for non-contact human-machine interface and echo-location.   Paper draft available on … Continue reading

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We took part at “Electronics 2017” conference, organized by KTU in Palanga, Lithuania. 19-21 june 2017.

We presented the invited inaugural talk: Ultrasonic Transducers for Operation in Air: Technologies, Applications and Future Trends. Video available at: http://electronicsconf.ktu.edu/index.php/elc/pages/view/live_broadcast (from min. 17 to min. 60)

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