Ultrasounds for Biological Applications and Materials Science


All programs are written in Python 2.7 / 3.5

 Useful Links Anaconda.



Solution of the inverse problem of thickness resonances in plates at normal incidence

Obtention of material properties from the measured spectra (magnitude and phase) of the ultrasonic transmission coefficient of a layer of the material measured at normal incidence and over a frequency range that encompases, at least, one order of the thickness resonances.

Two cases are considered:

Homogeneous plate (one layer). Gradient Descent method

IPython notebook (html) example

Shared project on github

Plate made of several layers (layered model). Stochastic Gradient Descent method


Multilayered piezoelectric transducers design module (1D).

Module for the desing and optimization of piezoelectric transducers


Python implemented Gradient Descent algorithms for Inverse Problems solution.

Presented at PyData Madrid, april 2016.

GitHub link to the talk and code: python code and ipython notebook (click here)


Python implemented Simulated Annealing algorithms for Inverse and Optimization problems solution.


Analysis of COVID-19 data in Spain.


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