Ultrasounds for Biological Applications and Materials Science

Great week at Airbus

Great place, great people, … excellent results.  

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We will be at IEEE Ultrasonic Symposium in Washington (Sept. 2017)

We will present two papers: –Air-coupled and Water Immersion Sectorized Array Transducers for Industrial and Medical Endoscopy –Cylindrical and Quasi-Cylindrical Focalization of Air-Coupled Single Element and Linear Array Transducers.   … Continue reading

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This is where our air-coupled ultrasonics transducers have already been used/tested or are currently being use.

8 different countries 9 different research centers/universities 7 different companies Main uses are for: NDT of aerospatial, aeronautic components and metalic parts and pipes, ultrasonic spectroscopy applied to materials characterization, … Continue reading

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Our best ever peak sensitivity of a pair of air-coupled ultrasonic transducers: -17 dB!

This amazing and unrivalled figure is obtained with the pair of focused 250 kHz trasnducer (of the sph75 series) having focal distance at 65 mm and a 6dB-focal spot of … Continue reading

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Our brand new series of high sensitive air-coupled ultrasonic transducer spherically focused!

This is our brand new series of piezoelectric air-coupled spherically focused transducer at 250, 320 and 400 kHz (more details in Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Transducers). Intended to operate in through transmission … Continue reading

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We took part at “Electronics 2017” conference, organized by KTU in Palanga, Lithuania. 19-21 june 2017.

We also presented the contributed paper entitled:   Ultrasonic single element and sectorized array transducers with omnidirectional 2D field distribution for non-contact human-machine interface and echo-location.   Paper draft available on … Continue reading

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We took part at “Electronics 2017” conference, organized by KTU in Palanga, Lithuania. 19-21 june 2017.

We presented the invited inaugural talk: Ultrasonic Transducers for Operation in Air: Technologies, Applications and Future Trends. Video available at: http://electronicsconf.ktu.edu/index.php/elc/pages/view/live_broadcast (from min. 17 to min. 60)

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Characterization of nanoparticles doped composites using ultrasound.

  This is our last paper, just on line, with colleagues from University Miguel Hernandez (Elche) and Kaunas Technical University (KTU), published in Utrasonics. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0041624X17301609 Abstract The aim of this … Continue reading

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Testing our air-coupled ultrasonic transducer to receive laser generated ultrasound…

… in steel plates for NDT applications at the premises of one of our industrial partners.

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Ultrasound in Food Processing: Recent Advances has been published

The book: “Ultrasound in Food Processing: Recent Advances” Has been just published: ISBN: 978-1-118-96418-7 544 pages May 2017, Wiley-Blackwell In Chapter 7 we describe techniques and advances in the design, … Continue reading

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