Ultrasounds for Biological Applications and Materials Science

Air-coupled fast inspection of sandwich structures with honeycomb core in industrial environment.

This is our couple of focused high sensitivity and wide band 400kHz air-coupled transducers (Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Transducers) mounted for this week on a Kuka robot for the fast inspection in … Continue reading

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2017 Research hot topics

Air-coupled ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers (0.1-1.5 MHz). With high sensitivity, high spatial resolution and wideband for applications in NDT in the nuclear and aerospatial industry.Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Transducers Application of air-coupled ultrasound … Continue reading

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Postdoc positions open

We are looking for canditates with a PhD degree (obtained after 2006) with a strong publication record, interest in applied research and experience in the any of the these fields: … Continue reading

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Buscamos candidato para beca predoctoral (FPU)

BECA FPU 2016 Buscamos candidato (Licenciado en CC. Físicas, Exactas, Ingeniero) para solicitar beca FPU para la realización de Tesis Doctoral en el Departamento de Sensores y Sistemas Ultrasónicos del … Continue reading

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Our last couple of air-coupled ultrasonic transducers ready to be shipped!

They are a couple of high sensitivity spherically focused air-coupled transducers, centre frequency 250 kHz, focal distance 65 mm, 6 dB focal spot of 4.5 mm and peak sensitivity of … Continue reading

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Spectral and resonant ultrasonic ecography… get funded!

Spectral and Resonant Ultrasonic Echography: a novel diagnosis tool is our last proposal to the Spanish R+D call for research projects and get a positive evaluation and 100% of the … Continue reading

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Happy to share the evaluation of our NOVTUL project 2012-2015.

We have just received an excellent evaluation of our NOVTUL project that we developed during the period 2012-2015. NOVTUL (2012 – 2014)

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Final meeting of our iLINK project

(ilink0988, funded by CSIC, about novel ultrasonic inspection techniques (mainly air coupled techniques) for fibre reinforced composites, with CONEA, Universidad del Valle, Colombia, and Universidad Nacional, Medellin, Colombia), At “Comision Nacional … Continue reading

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IEEE International Ultrasonic Symposium, Tours, France.

We presented three works at the IEEE IUS in Tours, France (events): Fariñas, M. D., Cummins, G., Desmulliez, M. P. Y., Seetohul, V., Cochran, S. and Álvarez-Arenas, T. E. G.”Assessment … Continue reading

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69 ICAT International Smart Actuator Symposium at PennState, State College, PA, USA.

We presented a work about air-coupled transducers for non contact human machine interaction.

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