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We have posted our sigmoid analysis of covid-19 data in Spain

Code, data and github link

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A new postdoc joining the group!

We welcome Vicente Genoves who just joined the group as postdoc to work in design and fabrication of new composites materials with tailored properties for the optimization of non-conventional piezoelectric … Continue reading

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In-vivo 3D corneal elasticity using air-coupled ultrasound optical coherence elastography

This is our last paper in collaboration with colleagues from: Beckman Laser Institute, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Irvine, Irvine, California 92612, USA School of Ophthalmology and Optometry, … Continue reading

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Our last paper applies deep learning to extract information from non-contact resonant ultrasonic spectra

Published in Plant Methods (open access), studied thickness resonances in plant leaves measured using non-contact ultrasonic spectroscopy to extract information about Relative Water Content.    

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We have a postdoc position open.

We have a postdoc position open in my research group. Research topics: Fabrication of composite materials for ultrasonic applications. Metaheuristics algorithms for hard optimization applied to transducers design. Piezoelectric transducers … Continue reading

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Our paper in Polymer testing freely available for 50 days

Our paper: Monitoring the evolution of stiffness during ultraviolet curing of a vinyl ester resin with quasi-normal air-coupled ultrasonic spectroscopy by: A. Dominguez-Macaya(a,b,*), T.E.G. Alvarez-Arenas (c), I. Saenz-Dominguez (d), I. … Continue reading

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Our last wide-band record sensitivity transducers for through-transmission

At IEEE-IUS, Galsgow, next week, we will present two examples of our last transducer design for wide-band air-coupled operation with record sensitivity so far. These transducer have centre frequency at … Continue reading

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2019 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium

We will be at IEEE-IUS presenting four papers, from our group and collaborations with other groups:   Air-coupled Transducers for Quality Control in the Food Industry. Alba Martín Ginel, Tomás … Continue reading

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Our next paper in “Polymer testing” (Elsevier), already accepted.

In collaboration with colleagues from Mondragón University applies air-coupled ultrasound for monitoring of UV curing: Monitoring the evolution of stiffness during ultraviolet curing of a vinyl ester resin with quasi-normal … Continue reading

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Ofertamos contrato FPI: Autoenfoque en Imagen Ultrasónica Tridimensional

Oferta de tema de investigación para contrato predoctoral para la formación de doctores 2019 Contacto : j.camacho@csic.es Proyecto: Autoenfoque en Imagen Ultrasónica Tridimensional Referencia : RTI2018-099118-A-I00 Inv. principal: Jorge Camacho … Continue reading

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