Ultrasounds for Biological Applications and Materials Science

Our last wide-band record sensitivity transducers for through-transmission


At IEEE-IUS, Galsgow, next week, we will present two examples of our last transducer design for wide-band air-coupled operation with record sensitivity so far.

These transducer have centre frequency at 300 and 500 kHz, but this same desgin can be produced at any frequency between 0.25 to 650 kHz, with similar response and upt to 1.00 MHz with a little decrease of sensitivity.


Figures show impulse response, through transmission mode (using an Olympus 5077, pulser receiver, 100-200 V excitation, for 500kHz and 300 kHz, respectively,, 0 dB gain in reception, 11 mm separation) and sensitivity band defined as the ratio of the FFT of the voltage in Rx terminals to Tx terminals.


500 kHz.JPG

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