Ultrasounds for Biological Applications and Materials Science

Our brand new series of high sensitive air-coupled ultrasonic transducer spherically focused!


This is our brand new series of piezoelectric air-coupled spherically focused transducer at 250, 320 and 400 kHz (more details in Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Transducers). Intended to operate in through transmission mode, they can also operate in pulse-echo mode.

They present a remarkably high sensitivity response and high spatial and temporal resolution and have been succesfully tested for one of the more demanding applications of air-coupled ultrasound NDT: fast scanning of large and curved asimmetrical sandwich components with skins made of CFRP and a thick honeycomb core.

They can be used with any conventional/commercial  electronic pulser receiver (P/R). So far they have been succesfully tested with Agilent function generators, Olympus pulser receiver (5077 and 5056) and DASEL difrascope. The reduced size is another advange as this increases the compatibility of this transducers with different inspection system.

They can also be used for extremely demanding applications involving transmission through high impedance materials (like metals) or higly attenuating materials (like food stuff, rocks, foams, etc.), where either spatial and temporal resolution (or both) is required.

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