Ultrasounds for Biological Applications and Materials Science

IEEE International Ultrasonic Symposium, Tours, France.


We presented three works at the IEEE IUS in Tours, France (events):

Fariñas, M. D., Cummins, G., Desmulliez, M. P. Y., Seetohul, V., Cochran, S. and Álvarez-Arenas, T. E. G.”Assessment of the Ultrasonic Properties of Additive Manufactured Materials for Passive Components of Piezoelectric Transducers.”

Álvarez-Arenas, T. E. G. and Díez, L. “Ferroelectret Transducers for Water Immersion and Medical Imaging

J. Brizuela,  J. Camacho, T.E.G. Álvarez-Arenas, J. Cruza and E. Poodts “Air-coupled Ultrasound Inspection of Complex Aluminium-CFRP component

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